Sabino Canyon | Lindsay’s family | Tucson area family photographer

Lindsay and her family were set to move across the country in January, so we scheduled a photo session in the desert before the packers came. The desert here in the winter is pretty awesome – cool temperatures, beautiful light, and colorful sunsets. We met at Sabino Canyon, one of my favorite local areas to do family pictures, due to its variety of backdrops. You’ve got mountains, cacti, and access to lots of trails close to the parking lot, which is key for families with little children or older family members who don’t want to walk far.

Bennett, Brian and Lindsay’s son, is just adorable. He’s got beautiful eyes, and his hair has such style! He’s the epitome of the reason I love photographing children.

We started out with a big desert pic – they are moving from the Tucson valley to a much more green location, and wanted to capture their family with the epic fields of cacti that we have here. The cholla cactus is my favorite (to look at – don’t get too close, though!), as they glow in the right light.