Maggie: part Husky, part Weimaraner, part Shepherd, all LOVE – Tucson pet photography

Rachel contacted me a couple of weeks ago about pet photography, wanting to capture some portraits of her dog Maggie for her and her fiance’s anniversary. We found a date that worked for both of us the week after she called, and I got to meet Maggie for the first time.

Rachel and her fiance Ryan rescued Maggie a few months ago here in Tucson. They aren’t sure of her background, but Maggie seems to be pretty cautious of people when she first meets them. With a lot of hard work, Rachel has done wonders for Maggie’s quality of life! I watched in awe as Rachel took Maggie off her leash for the first time at a park, and how Maggie responded to Rachel’s commands. She was great! There were other people, dogs, and the occasional bird nearby, but Maggie behaved so well.

The biggest challenge was keeping her still! She wanted to wander off and explore the area, like any good puppy would want to do instead of taking pictures. Dogs, when you can get them to sit still, can be the subjects of great portraits, but getting them to sit still…well, that can take years off your life! Rachel got a good workout that day!

After a bit of exploring the new area, Maggie wore herself out a bit, though, and even sat for a few doggie portraits. I love how she looked right at the camera in the image above! What a good girl.

I was so glad Rachel was able to wear her uniform that evening. We captured a few images of her in her flight suit, with her fur baby. Rachel will be separating from the Air Force soon (she is currently our Flight Doctor) to pursue her dream of becoming a surgeon. She has spent years in service to our country, though, and it makes me happy that she will have some great pictures of her in her uniform before she becomes a civilian. I imagine she will look back on these years with fond memories, and I’m honored that she chose me to help capture a part of that.

Thank you, Rachel and Maggie, for choosing me to be your petographer! I really enjoyed the time we spent making portraits of you for Ryan.