2016 Workshop: Off-Camera flash, Tucson AZ

Hey Tucson photographers! I’ll be teaching Flash 101 on Saturday, February 6. This is the perfect way to learn some basic lighting setups, use different lighting modifiers, and best of all, practice!

Why learn off-camera flash?

  • Everyone has a digital camera, and competition is fierce amongst natural light photographers.
  • Set yourself apart from your competition!
  • Create drama in your images.
  • Have less stress when the light starts dwindling. Clients are late? You’ve got your own light source.
  • Save. Time. Editing. Seriously. This is one of the best reasons to learn OCF. My editing time now when using OCF is so much faster than when I shot (or shoot now even!) with natural light. Less time editing = more time for more clients, or more time with your family.

We will discuss lighting basics, talk about gear, and shoot a lot over the course of 6 hours. This class will focus on using one flash to light your subjects.

Using your camera’s flash (on or off the camera) can be intimidating at first, but after you master the basics, it will become a fun new challenge to experiment with. Join me for 6 hours of learning all about flash!

We will cover:

  • working with one light
  • how different modifiers change the look of your image
  • how to shoot in full sun and not blow out your background
  • how to use OCF to add drama to your images
  • subject and light positioning
  • the best gear for you

At this workshop, we will be working with children and tweens. The class size will be small, so all attendees will get one-on-one time with Jennifer.

Sign up with a friend and each save an additional $50.

Off-camera flash will dramatically speed up your editing time, allowing you more time for other clients or to spend time with your family. Join us and learn how to set yourself apart from most of your competition, and to stand out in the saturated photographer market. Let’s take your photography to the next level!

A few flash/no flash images, straight out of camera (SOOC):